These are just some of the cars we have done.Some have been started and finished by us.
Some cars we have taken over as unfinished projects and finished in record time.
I would like to ad
I have worked on cars most of my life ,ethier fixing wrecks or working on specialty cars like you can see in my project car page im including some of the cars i have rebuilt for people with before and after pictures. I will be adding more pictures as time goes on this a new page and its under can email me from my home page if you have any questions.

1932 ford roasdster,candy apple paint,350 chevy , 350 trubo trans ,9 inch rear,glass body frame built buy us , crome front end air ride suspention in the rear
before picture 40 coupe and after picture owned for many years 15 ,I thinck before bringing this car to us to have it finished we completed the car in four months
28 roadster picup This was an older hot rod that got in minor wreck
32 ford coupe,was built by us in 5 weeks glass body 350 chevy 350 trubo trans
34 roadster before and after picture,Built from origanal parts it now has a 1957 392 Hemi moter and Lasalle trans and a quick change rear,Owned by a 70 year old man in southern calf.nothing is newer than 1962
69 camaro z-28 before and after picture This is an origanal owner car bought off the show room floor in hamilton New Jersey .It has been restored from top to bottom and painted on a rotisorie The owner would like to ad that he is a VietNam Vet
81TransAm Nascar edition turbo car before and after picture , Another origanal owner car this one from philadelphia,PA
Owned by Geffery Towle from lambertville, NJ,since he was 15 yesrs old now 25 years later .Its been done over agian .Its being reasembled right now by the owner& his 15 year old son